Designed with snap fit in mind 06 July 2020

ARaymond trim clips snap together in seconds for a fast, tool-free assembly on any application where removability is a factor. The fastener remains hidden after installation, providing an unblemished exposed panel surface.

Designed for use over rectangular studs or integrally moulded blades, standard trim clips offer a snug, rattle-free installation. If a more robust attachment with increased rib retention is required, high-strength trim clips are also available. These parts are serviceable.

Ideal for a variety of applications, trim clips can commonly be found on components and decorative trim pieces in household items such as washing machines. They can also be used to secure elements such as headliners, seats and instrument panels in the cabs of agriculture and construction equipment.

Incorporating trim clips in the design of a product improves assembly efficiency and reduces overall cost and time on the production line.

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