DELO to host webinars in bonding technology 21 March 2023

Following the success of its previous series, DELO Industrial Adhesives is set to host another round of its industry webinar series, TECH TALKS. This year’s series will cover both familiar and new, thought-provoking topics, ranging from basic education to insights into new bonding technologies.

In bonding, along with manufacturing as a whole, there are many equally important factors, including output, quality, and sustainability. However, none of these things can be achieved without profitability. Achieving each of these factors requires a deep understanding of the bonding process, from basic knowledge to emerging innovations. DELO Academy experts will aim to help provide this understanding in this year’s series of webinars.

TECH TALKS 2023 includes discussions on various topics, from rudimentary facts about bonding technology to new features being introduced in dispensing systems. Through these discussions, DELO hopes to ignite conversation about how to shape the future of manufacturing through bonding.

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