Custom solutions for innovative applications 23 April 2015

For more than 40 years, Specialinsert Srl has been engaged in the production of fastening systems suitable for fixing all kinds of different materials and applications. The company has a vast experience in traditional mechanical fastening systems and now, through the design and manufacture of custom solutions, it has further extended its expertise into more innovative fields of applications.

Specialinsert is a lean organisation that is ready to meet 
all its customers’ needs, and prides itself on 100% ‘Made in Italy’ products manufactured at its Maerne (Venice) plant. The company’s R&D activities are carried out by laboratories and technical departments based in Turin, Milan and Venice. A particular focus for the R&D department is composites, with the department targeted at developing new fastening solutions dedicated to these innovative and versatile materials.
As a result of this work, Specialinsert has developed innovative product lines for the composite industry, specifically targeted at the buildings and construction sector. 

DEFORM-NUT TC/SC/1 (insert for sandwich panels)
The DEFORM-NUT TC/SC/1 is a threaded blind rivet nut, which achieves a double anchoring system – mechanical and chemical. The first is provided by the deformation and anchorage of the tubular rivet nut onto the skin of the material. The second is assured by an adhesive dropped in the hole before the installation of the internal screw insert.
Specialinsert says that this kind of fastener guarantees flatness during insertion; avoids compression of the composite; works on the total thicknesses of the sandwich panel; and can be used and removed immediately – offering a unique advantage compared to other type of fasteners available on the market.
The company tested the Deform-Nut TC/SC/1 in its laboratory and recorded the following results:

Specialinsert explains that the reported values are indicative and not binding since the results from laboratory 
tests might not be replicable for different applications.

MASTER-PLATE™ is a simple system that takes advantage of appropriate adhesives for fixing on any kind of materials. It does not require any particular mechanical preparation. Assembly involves either embedding the base into an adhesive or into composite or resin materials during the moulding process.

There are several combinations between the base plates 
and fastening elements, which offer technicians and designers a wide range of possibilities.
MASTER-PLATE is made of a base plate – available in different shapes and dimensions (round, square, rectangular) – and a fastener element such as a threaded bush or stud. It can be manufactured in zinc plated steel or stainless steel AISI 316.
“MASTER-PLATE is 100% ‘Made in Italy’ and thanks to our ‘just in time’ production process it can be delivered in a very short time. We are also able to provide many other fastening solutions, standard or tailored on customer needs, and thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our technical sales agents, we are able to solve any problems on new fastening applications.”

The KEEP-NUT is a press-in insert with mechanical anchoring that creates threaded seats on even thin panels – which can be made of marble, granite or other stones, as well as also composites, carbon, Corian, HPL, glass and other compact materials.
It is available in different lengths, with or without flange, to fit several different panel thicknesses. 
KEEP-NUT is easy to install as the user simply needs to drill the material with the correct hole diameter and press-in the insert. Additionally, it can be customised with different versions and sizes, in order to match customers’ needs.
The Keep-Nut insert is specifically developed for ventilated façades, wall coverings, décor and interiors, furniture, kitchen and sanitary elements fastening, funerary art, and a variety of other applications.
Specialinsert points out that laboratory tests have ensured high pull-out strength performances, 
highlighted in the table below:
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