Combining metric sizes in versatile spanner set 11 August 2023

New to Laser Tools’ comprehensive hand-tool range is a 30 piece metric/stubby/star ring-spanner set. The set features both regular and stubby length spanners, but also includes a set of double-ended star profile spanners from E6 to E24, designed specifically to fit TORX® bolts. This collection covers the most common applications in the workshop.

Manufactured from high-quality chrome vanadium steel with a mirror polished finish, these spanners provide durability and precision. The set is neatly organised in an EVA foam tray, designed to fit roll cab drawers, ensuring cleanliness, organisation, and easy accessibility.

The metric standard sizes include 10mm to 22mm sizes, metric stubby sizes include 6mm to 18mm – all of these pieces feature a bi-hex profile with 15° offset head for improved access. The stubby sizes especially allow easier operation in restricted access applications.

The addition of the four star spanners make this a versatile set — designed to fit TORX® bolts, they ensure a secure grip and efficient torque application. Sizes of the spanners include E6 to E8, E10 to E12, E14 to E18 and E20 to E24.

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