Blind rivet nuts in lightweight construction 18 November 2015

Carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP) have fascinating advantages when it comes to saving weight. However, they are also particularly demanding and standard connectors are not good enough for this high-quality material. GESIPA® Blindniettechnik GmbH has now developed a blind rivet nut for composites, which meets these high demands.

GESIPA explains that its CFRP blind rivet nut now makes it possible to easily incorporate functional elements into fibre-plastic composites without material damage. This is achieved through a special geometry of the blind rivet nut. The deforming process is highly controlled so that damage to the component by setting forces is prevented. The closing head assumes a large diameter shape ensuring safe spread of the clamping force.

Due to its special form, the blind rivet nut can be used in a large clamping range, and can be used for various applications within a production process. This saves handling costs and keeps the storage costs low. The material used fits well with the CFRP and keeps away any possible corrosion. GESIPA points out that even after 1,008 hours in the standard salt spray test, the results showed zero or very little red rust could be detected.

The CFRP blind rivet nut can be further modified, together with the thread size and length, depending on customer requirements. Other setting head geometries, seals or closed variations to name only a few, can be modified as well.
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