Anti-creep solutions making tomorrow’s vehicles lighter 08 February 2021

LISI Automotive has launched a new video to outline its anti-creep solutions. To meet the need of vehicle lightweighting, many solutions now replace metal components with plastic. However, for certain applications, which require clamping forces to remain fixed, the effects of creeping needs to be avoided.

Indeed, during a traditional assembly of plastic components with screw and nut, plastic deformation appears over time, thus causing a drop in tension of the assembly and the risk of loosening of the nut and the bolt.

This can lead to costly, time-consuming and, in the worst case scenario, dangerous situations. What if more than one screw loosens in a car within a single assembly system? The function is to reinforce clearance holes in plastics to provide a metal to metal contact allowing the application of clamping forces and limit the compression to avoid over-stressing of the plastic. LISI has developed a complete range of anti-creep solutions including anti-creep rings -elastic and non-elastic, round, oval, square, etc; as well as anti-creep shoulder screws - in steel 10.9, steel 8.8, aluminium and EGH, etc.

In addition to allowing a durable and safe assembly, LISI anti-creep solutions have a number of advantageous characteristics. These include existing solutions in M6 (for anti-creep rings), M8 and M10 (for shoulder screws); as well as different panel thicknesses also being possible. For the shoulder screws there is a stability of the preload under flexible assembly conditions; speed of assembly thanks to the pre-assembly system, as well as solutions tested and validated (corrosion, environment).

“Our ability to advise on the most suitable solution for each need allows us to support our customers so that they can go as far as possible in vehicles lightweighting, mastering all technical and economic aspects,” comments LISI.

“Our multidisciplinary experience in threaded fasteners and in clipped assembly solutions allows us to offer complete solutions: anti-creep screws, anti-creep rings, standard assembly screws and nuts, etc. For any other request, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you find or design the solution that best meets your needs.”


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