Air and water-tight components 27 September 2023

Designed for the treatment of various surfaces in the industrial sector, Weicon now offers a new line of products – sealers and impregnating agents.

In the industrial sector, the surfaces of a wide variety of components – made of metal, plastic, stone or concrete – are impregnated and sealed to close pores and cavities which could potentially lead to future damage. This treatment has been specially designed to prevent dirt or moisture from entering the pores.

The company Jeln, which has been operating under Weicon since 2022, specialises, among other things, in the development and production of sealers and impregnating agents for the industrial sector. This know-how has induced Weicon to include a new line of these special products in their range.

Usually, the sealers and impregnators are applied to the surfaces to be treated by means of a brush or by immersing the entire object. The special chemical products for application on various materials have a low level of viscosity and penetrate deep into the pores of the surfaces, thanks to capillary action. As a result, the treated surfaces are sealed permanently, they are air and water-tight and protected against corrosion.

The various sealers and impregnating agents offer various advantages, such as temperature resistance, chemical resistance or approval for use in sensitive areas, such as food production. They boast a high adhesive strength and are based on either water or solvents. The water-based sealers are non-flammable and suitable for plastics that are not resistant to solvents.

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