A strong team for precise screwdriving tasks 21 July 2022

When working professionally in workshops and industry, reliable tools and accessories are essential for a wide range of screwdriving tasks. GEDORE therefore offers precise equipment for manual screwdriving tasks – such as its 27 piece socket wrench set.

GEDORE’s 27 piece socket wrench set ½ inch 19 IMU-10 includes various types of inserts that cover a variety of screwdriving applications – using the reversible ratchet that is also included in the set. Housed in a strong, compact steel sheet case, the set is also ideal for mobile use. In special cases, the socket wrench set can also be supplemented by other tools such as offset reversible ratchets, telescopic reversible ratchets and extensions. This allows even the most complicated screwdriving tasks in confined or hard to reach places.

The set contains ½ inch versions of the reversible ratchet 1993 U-10 T, twelve socket inserts number 19 hex in key widths 10mm – 30mm with Unit Drive Profile (UD profile), screwdriver bits number 19 in-hex in 5mm – 14mm, screwdriver bits number 19 slotted in 8mm x 1.2mm and 10mm x 1.2mm, screwdriver bits number 19 crosshead PH 2 3, two extensions 1990-5 125mm and 1990-10 250mm and one 1995 universal joint 73.5mm.

With its comprehensive range of bits, the socket wrench set covers all the usual screwdriving tasks and can be used universally. Thanks to the two extensions, tightening or loosening tasks can also be carried out in lower areas of the engine space or chassis. The set is housed in a high-quality, blue steel sheet case. The case is designed to be particularly strong and durable, which ensures that the tools are always safely stored.

The socket bits have the GEDORE Unit Drive Profile, which ensures the ideal transmission of force and optimises the screwdriving process. The UD Profile has a wavy structure with rounded contact points. This structure spares the screw heads and creates the ideal force closure with an up to 20% higher torque transmission.

The 2C reversible ratchet ½ inch 1993 U-10 T included in the set has a return swing angle of 7.5° and is equally suitable for use in industry and on commercial vehicles. In addition to the effortless adjustment to clockwise and anticlockwise by means of a lever, the ratchet can be locked in the central position, which is particularly useful for tasks where alignment is required. The lever is recessed in the ratchet head to prevent unintentional adjustment while working.

GEDORE's product range includes various other reversible ratchets in ½ inch in addition to the 1993 U-10 T included in this set. If, for instance, a particularly low return swing angle is required, or a ratchet for special use in confined installation spaces or with an extendible shaft, the following models are available for these requirements and available separately in addition to the socket wrench set.

An all-rounder among the GEDORE reversible ratchets is the 1993 U-20 ½ inch. The fine toothed ratchet with a swivel angle of only 6° and a small, tear-shaped head is extremely versatile in use and also serves to tighten and loosen screw connections in confined spaces.

The fine toothed 1993 U-20 G ½ inch in turn has an offset handle. In combination with an equally small and tear shaped head and the low return-swing angle of 6°, the offset ratchet version is predestined for screwdriving tasks in confined and hard-to-reach areas. However, this ratchet also shows its advantages on level surfaces, as the slightly curved handle reduces the risk of injury to the fingers.

The powerful 1993 TU-10 Telescopic reversible ratchet ½ inch with a return-swing angle of 7.5° extends in eight stages from 400mm to a maximum of 600mm. The extended shaft length achieves a higher leverage effect, which supports torques of up to 600Nm and requires less force for loosening tight screw connections. The telescopic ratchet is ideal, for instance, for changing tyres – especially in combination with GEDORE torque wrenches.

The 2C reversible ratchets by GEDORE also have a recessed lever in the ratchet head that is easily changed from clockwise to anticlockwise operation and can be locked in the middle position. The ball lock of the ratchets provides an unbreakable, safe connection between the tool and socket during screwdriving activities. Afterwards, the bits and connectors are easily and quickly detached from the ratchet by means of the practical push button release. Formed from two components, the handle fits securely and ergonomically in the hand, facilitates a power transmission that is particularly kind to the hand and so helps to prevent signs of tiredness when working.

The family company based in Remscheid in Germany has been manufacturing high-quality tools, special tools and tailor-made solutions for versatile, safe and professional use by industry and trade since 1919. GEDORE Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co KG bundles the competencies of the entire group of companies in a strong brand that is known all over the world to stand for very special quality, innovation, performance, reliability and excellent service.

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