A fully updated online academy for silicones in automotive applications 17 February 2023

Dow has announced its new, fully updated online academy – Dow’s Electronics Protection & Assembly Academy – that automotive OEMs to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and use cases for silicones in automotive electronics applications while also developing a skillset that allows them to identify new opportunities for innovation.

The Academy lessons can be completed at the user’s own pace and are split into two levels. The Level 1 modules highlight the various applications for electronics protection and assembly, the degrees of electronics protection needed across these applications, as well as the advantages and benefits of silicones versus other materials.

Once Level 1 is completed, users gain access to Level 2, which offers a deep dive into technical information about five key silicone product lines for electronics protection and assembly: gels and encapsulants, conformal coatings, adhesives and sealants, thermally conductive materials and compression gasketing.

“We continue to see fast-paced change across the mobility and transportation industry,” says Jeroen Bello, global marketing director mobility and transportation at Dow. “It’s critical that OEMs and tiers are equipped with the information and technical expertise they need to keep up with that pace of change, which is why Dow is committing to the industry by offering resources such as The Academy as well as its full breadth of MobilityScience™ solutions. The insights users gain from participating in The Academy will provide them with the in-depth knowledge on how to harness the power of silicones today to address the manufacturing needs and challenges of tomorrow.”

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