WTI invests in dyeing technology 12 July 2019

With demand for dyed wire thread inserts greater than ever before, WTI Fasteners Ltd has invested in a new specialist dyeing machine – capable of colouring large quantities of inserts with increased speed and efficiency, without compromising on quality.

For 30 years, WTI has been serving OEMs and distributors across a range of industries – all with individual and changing requirements. A recent development in requirements has been the rising demand for dyed wire inserts. As dye does not affect the installation process or the performance of wire inserts, it is a popular aesthetic choice for identification purposes.

“Typically, clients request screw locking inserts to be dyed red,” explains Jo Mason, director at WTI Fasteners. “It helps engineers to readily distinguish them from free running inserts, which is especially useful for those working with applications for aerospace. We were sensitive to the growing popularity of dyed inserts and decided to invest in a Rotamat R 60 – an innovative coating system that would allow us to dye inserts with optimum control and efficiency.”

Jo continues: “The new dyeing machine means the inserts’ colouring is much more consistent than before. The Rotamat is equipped with interchangeable rotating drums and an automatic spraying system, which together ensure that whatever the quantity or size of insert, a visually homogeneous and uniform coating thickness is achieved every time.”

These repeatable results are also aided by the Rotamat’s sensitive IR sensors, which carefully monitor and adjust the temperature to create a durable intensive bond between the inserts and coating material. This controlled temperature system dries the inserts during the colouring process, which removes the need for further treatment and means dyed items can be despatched quicker than before.

“The Rotamat streamlines the dyeing process whilst improving on quality, allowing us to provide dyed inserts to the highest quality standards in the lowest lead times,” comments Jo. “This investment underlines our commitment to providing quality products and services that meet customers’ needs, with inserts dyed to order in red, green, or blue.”


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