Providing a torque tooling solution for the aerospace industry 29 June 2021

When one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace components needed a torque solution, it turned to Crane Electronics.

The supplier needed a solution to refine, improve and safeguard the final quality of its components, eliminating the potential for any future quality issues for their own customers. The company wanted to implement a solution that would help deliver complete peace of mind - guaranteeing that components leaving the facility were of the highest possible standard.

In particular for specific jet engine ancillary components, the clients’ end-users wanted to ensure that all critical joints and fasteners were perfectly secure and that the relevant assembly torque data was recorded. In order to put this process in place, Crane worked with the client to devise a solution, which was to incorporate an accurate torque tightening tool, with the added capability of recording and logging all of the required torque and Crane Electronics demonstrated the proven IQWrench2 digital torque wrench. The wrench, utilised in hundreds of assembly applications worldwide, not only had the high-performance torque wrench capabilities required, but it also had an integrated data collection function.

The multi-function of the IQWrench2 made it an ideal low volume production tool, with the ability to record and store their vital assembly data with ease, packaged into one easy to use wrench. The IQWrench2 provided the required solution for the clients’ assembly quality process and ultimately gave their end users added satisfaction as they knew they would be receiving high quality components which had been accurately tightened.

Following a successful trial, Crane Electronics supplied a number of IQWrench2 digital torque wrenches to the customer, which are now heavily relied on for the assembly of a variety of the client’s critical aerospace components.

In such a high-quality industry that demands unparalleled safety, there is a greater need for the complete control of torque. Crane Electronics plays a crucial role in the industry in assembly tool testing, auditing the assembly process capability and final assembly quality verification.

“We have been providing torque management solutions for over 50 years and we are specialists in delivering torque tightening expertise within the aerospace industry. We know the importance of accurate and efficient torque tightening for the Production and Quality environments, especially within the aerospace manufacturing industry where quality is not just expected but is vital at every stage. We feel comfortable that we can provide customers across the market with a complete torque management solution that can help to solve issues, improve their assembly process, and guarantee peace of mind and high quality for their customers and end users,” commented Ian Brown, sales manager at Crane Electronics.

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