New inserts catalogue from Fixi 17 March 2021

Fixi Group has introduced a new catalogue for self-tapping and special threaded inserts, which includes high resistance fixings and its new KN-KNH series.

Easy to install by manual or machine operated tools, Fixi self-tapping inserts are metal bushes with an internal and external thread. These inserts are designed with a cutting slot or cutting holes that allow the self-tapping feature to be used in both hard materials such as steel, stainless steel, as well as soft materials such as light alloys, plastics, copper, cast iron and wood – providing a high performance mechanical fixing.

These inserts are also available in different geometries with specific technical features and are suitable for many applications in several fields of use – such as the automotive and railway industries, household appliances, medical devices, furniture, composite products and more.

Self-tapping inserts are easy to install. The user simply drills the right hole diameter in the receiving material and inserts the fastener by using a manual or machine operated installation tool. The use of self-tapping inserts can result in a reduction in thread size required – saving material, reducing weight and costs. By using the self-tapping inserts, the base material can be thinner and less expensive too.

Self-tapping inserts also ensure a higher pull-out force compared to the one given by pre-tapping the receiving material and can achieve almost maximum pull-out even with a reduced flange cover of the external thread.

Moreover, Fixi is introducing a new range of special threaded inserts, the KN-KNH series, with 2 or 4 locking keys that once installed lock the insert against the rotation due to torsion or vibration. The keys are placed in the proper seats by a punch or a hammer. Available in thin wall and heavy-duty versions, these inserts are used to obtain high performance thread on light alloys, steel and cast iron or to repair worn thread. 

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