Lightweight structural strength for heavy-load drones 12 December 2023

Since 2017, Electric Aircraft Concept (EAC) have been building heavy load drones and e-VTOL (electric-Vertical Take Off and Landing) designed to carry two passengers. The challenge was creating an e-VTOL light enough to fly a substantial distance. For this, EAC turned to Scott Bader’s Crestabond M1-30 as a reliable fastening solution.

M1-30 is a toughened MMA adhesive that demonstrates excellent adhesion to dissimilar substrates including metals, plastics and composite materials. It is specifically designed for industrial use.

EAC applied Crestabond M1–30 to bond the rotary arms to the rotary head and the hinges within the specially designed folding arms of the e-VTOL. By combining the expertise of both companies, Crestabond structural adhesives were chosen in replacement of mechanical fixings, making the e-VTOL lighter, more fuel efficient and able to fly further. EAC chose to work with Scott Bader due to its excellent technical support, making the use of Crestabond M1-30 simple and efficient.

“The use of Scott Bader products has allowed us to lighten the weight of our e-VTOL without the loss of structural integrity. Scott Bader supplied us with high quality products and excellent technical support service,” says Yves Pearcy, owner of Electric Aircraft Concept.

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