In-house testing from JCS ensures performance standards 24 March 2017

A key reason why JCS believes its products are so trusted and reliable is the process of continuous scrutiny and improvement employed by its technicians. According to JCS its on-going testing programme, performed at in-house testing facilities, ensures the quality of the hose clips is maintained at the highest possible level. Every worm-drive clamp produced is manufactured to exceed BS 5315.

JCS test three principal aspects of its hose clamps – torque, clamping ability and pressure.

The torque test refers to the twisting force a hose clip can withstand and is measured using a torque metre - different size clamps are put on appropriate sized conical bars and tightened to set limits.

The clamping ability test measures the actual clamping force of a hose clip where the movement of it is measured to accurately calculate the force.

Finally the pressure tests ensure that the hose clips can hold a seal at industry standard pressure. This is achieved by clamping a hose clip around both ends of a rubber hose and then forcing water through it at a set pressure. Checks to the seal are then made to make sure there are no leaks of loss of liquid found. This is a critical test as a clamp may have good torque and clamp readings but still fail a pressure test at low pressure. JCS say its clamps seal uniformly around the circumference of the hose which helps prevent this issue.

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