Enhancing vehicle safety 05 July 2024

When it comes to preventing unauthorised access to vital components, or contributing to application integrity, security screws are utilised in a multitude of industries, including the automotive industry. That is why Norm Fasteners manufactures high-quality security bolts and nuts specific to customer requirements, in accordance with automotive regulations. 

Security screws are a critical component when ensuring vehicle safety as they help to prevent unauthorised access or tampering to important mechanisms, such as airbag modules or seatbelts. These fastenings also contribute to maintaining vehicle integrity during collisions by securing structural components.  

Norm offers an in-depth range of security fasteners, including wheel bolts and nuts, engine bolts, weld nuts, and suspension nuts – all engineered with precision and manufactured using cutting edge technologies for the automotive industry. 

Designed for operational excellence, Norm security fasteners are manufactured in compliance with IATF 16949 and VDA PSCR standards and are used across multiple other key industries, including electronics, aerospace, and pharmaceutical, among others. 

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