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The wind turbine time machine

18th January 2017
With the sector growing globally every year, the wind energy industry is looking to use less material for producing big wind turbine parts. A project …

Master Bond solvent resistant adhesives

11th January 2017
Formulated for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications, Master Bond EP41S-5 is a room temperature curing epoxy that combines a high s…

SD Products’ fixing solution for Jaguar Land Rover

9th January 2017
SD Products Ltd is a third generation family owned business with over 40 years of experience as a stockist distributor of specialist fasteners. With e…

New grades of pre-applied fastener sealants

3rd January 2017
Tectorius® has introduced five new grades to its long-standing Tec-U-Seal™ line of pre-applied fastener sealants.  Varying in softness, elasticity an…

Military precision from ZaGO

23rd December 2016
ZaGO Manufacturing Co Inc is committed to providing the highest quality ‘Made in America’ sealing solutions for a variety of industries, including all…

Adhesives are essential for lightweight construction

1st December 2016
Lightweight construction is the future. Hardly any market segment is developing as dynamically as industrial lightweight construction and hardly any t…

Technical Article

Clever fastening by forming

14th December 2016
Ref: FFT161213

That we live in a digital age is apparent by the sight of so many of our fellow humans being glued to their smartphones. Yet it is barely half a centu…