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Scott Bader expands production capacity by 50%

17th February 2017
Scott Bader has recently made further capital investment to expand production of its Crestabond® primer-less methyl methacrylate structural adhesives …

TR Fastenings to assist with NASA’s next Mars Rover

16th February 2017
TR Fastenings has been commissioned to supply high strength blind rivets for the ground-penetrating radar system on NASA’s 2020 Mars Exploration Rover…

New press machine grows UK production

15th February 2017
European Springs & Pressings, a Lesjöfors company, has acquired a new and revolutionary machine - the Bruderer BSTA 500-110B which enables product…

Improving Friction Control Coatings

14th February 2017
Originally published: 1st January 2012 By Alan Gardner, global marketing manager, MacDermid Industrial Solutions Ref: FFM731201/120 The extensive u…

New tapes offer performance benefits for automotive markets

13th February 2017
Already established across industry with ‘viscoelasticity’, a unique bonding technology that compensates for the differing thermal expansion rates of …

Feature Article

Going beyond the traditional automotive supply chain

1st February 2017
It’s no secret that automotive production lines of the mid-twentieth century weren’t quite as ‘well oiled’ as today’s high-tech, super factories. Myth…

Technical Article

Chemical versus mechanical anchors – the pros and cons

Ref: FFT170130

Those responsible for choosing fixings for any application – let alone ones that are safety critical – are faced with a bewildering array of fixing sy…