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Fast, accurate and safe fastening

27th October 2016
The ETW-Series electric torque wrenches from Enerpac have been designed to combine simplicity with smart bolting technology – delivering fast, accurat…

Tectorius® introduces speciality coating

26th October 2016
US–based Tectorius® has announced the Tec–Kote™ 7000 Series of speciality coatings – a family of coating products that have been formulated with engin…

Hook and loop from SD Products

24th October 2016
SD Products Ltd has added a large range of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners to its catalogue for use in a variety of applications including cable…

Pre-applied coatings for the future

19th October 2016
For almost 30 years now, TECNOLOGIC 3® has been producing and applying innovative products and systems (adhesive, sealing and self-locking agents) for…

NORMA goes rallying

17th October 2016
NORMA Group recently supplied its V-Profile clamps for the exhaust systems of the MAZ-Sport Auto team’s race trucks, which were included in the trucks…

Four shows under one roof

26th September 2016
Engineering professionals will have plenty to see at Advanced Engineering, the UK’s largest annual engineering trade show, which returns to Birmingham…

Technical Article

Why friction in screw connections is crucial for process capability

11th October 2016
Ref: FFT161005

Lean production is the current trend and represents even leaner and more target oriented processes.

Solutions for higher efficiency, lower consumptio…