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Bolting with plastics and composites

2nd August 2017
Ref: FFM981603/128

Features and benefits of ArmorGalv® thermal zinc diffusion

19th April 2017
By Michael J. Pasko
Ref: FFT170419

Determining the effect of lubrication on the security of bolted joints

11th April 2017
By Holly B. Martin
Ref: FFT170411

How different blanking technologies may influence the final performance of the retaining ring

5th April 2017
By By Ruben Limonta, technical engineer,
Ref: FFT170405

Compression spring design and general considerations

20th March 2017
By Chris Petts, managing director, Lee Spring UK
Ref: FFT170320

Chemical versus mechanical anchors – the pros and cons

6th February 2017
By Mark Salmon, Independent Fixing Consultants
Ref: FFT170130

Clever fastening by forming

14th December 2016
By Dr Peter Standring, Industrial Metalforming Technologies (IMfT)
Ref: FFT161213

Why friction in screw connections is crucial for process capability

11th October 2016
By Martin Rüedy, Bossard expert team
Ref: FFT161005

Can screws be reused?

10th August 2016
By Martin Rüedy, fastener expert team, Bossard Group
Ref: FFT160810