Lesjöfors spring cotter pins used in electrical Moonbikes 18 May 2022

Lesjöfors has aided in the construction of a new zero emission snowmobile, with MoonBikes approaching the company’s Dutch subsidiary Alcomex for a customised spring, which later led to a wider cooperation including suspension springs.

A representative from MoonBikes contacted the Dutch Lesjöfors company Alcomex in urgent need of spring cotter pins for its 100% electric snowmobile. The Alcomex standard spring range did not cover their needs, so a customised solution was requested. After gaining respect and trust, Alcomex is now assisting in the manufacture of MoonBikes’ main springs, the suspension springs.

Marco Dekker, director technology at Alcomex commented on the innovative project: “It was a real challenge to overcome the technical demands and a real team effort. The super interaction between the MoonBike team and our engineers made it possible to design functional solution.”  

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