Adhesives with safety approval 05 September 2022

Weicon, through its WEICONLOCK range, offers a variety of anaerobic adhesives and sealants that comply with strict guidelines protecting against hazardous materials.

In industrial applications, a variety of methods are used when securing screw connections to prevent a reduction of clamping force and preload, so the connections do not loosen unintentionally. Traditionally, mechanical methods such as securing with toothed lock washers or self-locking nuts are used for this, but these methods have proven to be disadvantageous over time. Anaerobic adhesives provide an alternative to these methods that can be used to secure connections.

These one component adhesives are liquid so long as they are in contact with oxygen and cure once no oxygen reaches the adhesive. Anaerobic adhesives are gentle on neutral materials and are increasingly being used in industrial production. The adhesives permanently secure screw joints and eliminate the risk of unintentional loosening due to vibrations or other forces. 

However, many anaerobic adhesives used are classified as hazardous. They irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory organs of the users. In addition, they cause odour pollution, which makes daily work with these substances unpleasant. Weicon GmbH & Co.KG offers alternate, solvent-free products.

WEICONLOCK adhesives have received approvals from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW). They are suitable for use in drinking water applications. These adhesives also have a so-called ‘white’ safety data sheet, which means they are classified as non-hazardous. These qualities make the adhesives suitable for sensitive industries such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical, but they can also be used for securing or sealing in other areas.

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