Aerospace silicones from Techsil offer low outgassing and thermal protection 05 July 2019

Momentive have just published 2 new product selection guides for their aerospace silicone adhesive sealants. Available from UK distributor, Techsil, they are Silicone RTVs for low outgassing applications.

These sealants are advanced silicones that deliver outstanding performance with minimal outgassing and Silicone RTV’s for Thermal Protection Systems which are a broad range of advanced silicone RTVs that can perform in the most extreme conditions.

For more than 60 years, Momentive has been part of the journey into space - providing the silicone in the boots of the first astronaut to walk on the moon - in the rockets that propelled those pioneers into orbit - and on every US manned space flight since. Building on the legacy of their past, Momentive continues to develop innovative silicones that help today's aerospace pioneers reach ever greater heights. From launch to landing, Momentive's advanced silicone products enable the next generation of space exploration. Techsil are Momentive’s authorised UK distributor.

Low outgassing solutions are needed to protect crew compartments and sensitive optical equipment from material contamination in extreme temperatures. Momentive offers an expanding line of low outgassing silicones for sealing, protective coatings, electronics packaging, thermal interface materials, thermal protection systems and photovoltaic array assembly. The grades meet or exceed the ASTM E-595 standard outlined in NASA SP-R-0022A and European Space Agency PSS-014-702.

Silicone RTVs for Thermal Protection Systems: These silicones maintain critical properties for an extended time over a wide range of extreme temperatures encountered by spacecraft (-130°C to 260°C). They remain flexible in the extreme low temperatures of space and have excellent thermal insulation properties. They are low outgassing and offer very high structural adhesion. They come in different viscosities from paste to flowable and some are electrically conductive.

Potential Applications for these Aerospace grades include:

  • Cast in place heat shielding.
  • Crew capsule applications.
  • Thermal insulation of sensitive components.
  • Protective coatings for critical equipment.
  • Encapsulants and potting for high heat locations.
  • Interior and exterior adhesives.
  • Flexible composite coatings.
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