Innovative bonding for automotive lens modules 10 January 2023

Designed for bonding applications in automotive ADAS cameras and LiDAR modules, Henkel has launched an innovative new dual cure adhesive, Loctite Ablestik NCA 3218. Using a UV cationic thermal dual cure epoxy, the new adhesive offers a solution for applications such as lens barrel-to-housing and lens housing-to-circuit board bonding.

Loctite Ablestik NCA 3218 is a dispensable, one-component, dual cure, non-conductive adhesive. Due to its high glass transition temperature (Tg), the interface is less stressed, offering reliable adhesion to PCB, various plastics as well as aluminium substrates. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, with a low and consistent cure shrinkage that minimises size change once the adhesive cures.

Henkel ensures that Loctite Ablestik enables long-term robust and reliable performance throughout the lifecycle of ADAS sensors. Also, the adhesives’ grey colour is ideal for optical applications, as it ensures optimal blocking to prevent unintentional light penetration.

“Today’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are enabling a fundamental shift towards safer driving that seamlessly supports driver ability with high-resolution sensors and broad data bases,” comments Michael Cai, ADAS business development manager at Henkel.

“As ADAS becomes an integral part of the modern driving experience – and a required feature of safety rating systems – automotive suppliers and OEMs are still seeking the optimal balance of manufacturing efficiency and the dependable performance demanded by safety critical applications. As a longstanding partner to the automotive industry, Henkel is pioneering new materials and processes to meet these challenges. Loctite Ablestik NCA 3218 demonstrates this commitment with a material that is optimised for the highly demanding area of ADAS sensors.”

Loctite Ablestik NCA 3218 has been manufactured to meet global product safety standards and is CMR, SVHC, antimony free, and REACH compliant.  

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