FLEX-5 durability and maintenance tips 04 August 2021

A first generation FLEX-5 rivet nut tool, used to install Sherex rivet nut studs was recently found to still be in use in a construction, military and heavy-duty truck fabricator assembly line, twelve years later. Here, Sherex Fastening Solutions outlines a few easy steps to ensure a long-lasting tool.

Bought from Sherex Fastening Solutions in 2009, the FLEX-5 tool is still installing rivet nuts, which is possible, says Sherex due to some good maintenance. “These older FLEX-5’s hold up really well with just some basic care,” commented Engineering Technician at Sherex, Mike. “Basic care of hydro-pnuematic rivet nut tools is really important to their durability, as well as a few easy steps to ensure a long-lasting tool.”

These steps include if the air supply is not equipped with lubricator before use, squeezing a few drops of light lubricating oil on the tool air inlet, as well as high friction locations such as spindle housing, should be regreased with a high speed, high temperature grease. Every 500,000 cycles the tool should also be completely checked and parts that are worn or damaged should be replaced. O-rings should also be replaced and lubricated with Molykote® 55M grease or equivalent before assembly.

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