​Araldite® adhesives – a compelling alternative to mechanical fixings 08 July 2015

As demands change and evolve across many different industries, adhesives are swiftly becoming more popular for both structural and non-structural applications. Global adhesives and chemical specialist, Huntsman Advanced Materials, tailors its products and services to supply an alternative to mechanical fastening for industrial applications.

Whilst mechanical fasteners such as screws, rivets or spot welds have their place in industrial assembly, Huntsman points out that engineers are increasingly choosing to utilise adhesive bonding as a proven and capable approach of replacing or supplementing mechanical fastening methods and with significant advantages.

Many of these advantages translate into measurable cost benefits including outstanding lap shear strength; reduced component and/or assembly costs; improved product performance and durability; greater design freedom; and less finishing operations.

Huntsman Advanced Materials’ industrial adhesives form extremely strong and durable bonds with a multitude of surfaces such as plastics, metals, glass, and rubber. In order to get the best performance from such an adhesive bond, Huntsman recognises that it is important to design the component for bonding rather than simply taking a design made for mechanical fastening.

Ideally, methods of application of the adhesive and the assembly of the components should be considered at the design stage. Together with the operating conditions, these determine the choice of adhesive to be used and Huntsman has identified that a quality bond is best delivered when considered at all stages of the design and production process.

As a strategic partner to the automotive industry, Huntsman tailors its products and services to the evolving needs of this market. Based on state of the art epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate and phenolic technologies, its adhesives have specific characteristics that help end users improve their manufacturing processes, secure long-term performance and safety of assemblies, and use materials that enable car lightweighting. This also results in higher productivity rates, increased design freedoms and a better energy efficiency of the cars.

Whilst the level of global business competition in automotive is high, manufacturers need solutions to help sustain their competitive edge and secure long-term growth. Production process improvement, innovation in design, weight savings, compliance to stringent safety and environmental standards, and low process costs has become vital to success.

In this context, adhesives can play an even greater role, providing well established solutions as well as more advanced and innovative developments for all kinds of bonding applications. This principle was recently put to the test, when Huntsman was selected by French-based Norma Auto Concept to bond the components of a rear wing for a prototype sports car (pictured).

Providing a complete solution to effectively assemble the different substrates that form the wing structure, Araldite® 2048 was used to join the aluminium pieces together and Araldite® 2031 joined the composites together and to the aluminium parts.

Norbert Santos, manager of Norma Auto Concept, said: “The Araldite® adhesive we selected provides high strength with easy handling and minimal to no surface preparation, streamlining the structure and manufacturing process as a whole.”

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