Dimac SPC-LAB makes quality fly high 15 January 2019

Aerospace is undoubtedly one of the sectors where industry-specific requirements and exacting standards are a vital part of the market, resulting in fewer companies being able to meet the necessary criteria and needs of world leading aerospace and defense prime contractors.

A.H.G is a French manufacturer for solid rivets and threaded fasteners that supplies the global aerospace industry. The company recently turned to Dimac to help control the special shape of its titanium alloy rivets, which it supplies to AIRBUS® and other major aeroplane producers.

Both A.H.G’s and Dimac’s engineers combined their highly skilled work forces to yield the highest benefits in terms of reliability and precision. The suited solution was the SPC-LAB series for SPC measurement and data collection with dedicated, intuitive tools conceived to acquire the entire profile contour of the rivet - detecting the smallest damages, nicks and geometry defects from a 360° inspection, helping to achieve a top quality in-process inspection.

From the PC, the operator just defines the measurements to perform by dragging and dropping windows around the part profile; the system immediately identifies the contour geometry inside the windows and detects the edges to perform the measurements. The operator can also resize the enveloping tolerance band around the contour by defining a value for +Tol and a value for -Tol. Whenever any point of the contour goes out from the ±Tol tolerance band, the rivet would be considered NOK. Since the inspection algorithm is very accurate, the system allows to set additional filters to minimise the rate of pseudo-rejects.

The SPC-LAB system at A.H.G. has been interfaced to the company ERP system based on the IBM-AS400 technology.

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